Fleet and Vehicle Management

Do you still believe in Car Trakers.

Do you understand why it is important to protect the safety of your loved ones such as your #Family, #Fleet, etc.

Do you know any company that sells and installs car tracking devices.

Guess what Matel-Tech Systems does it at an affordable price.

Contact us today and try an in-built-battery made car trackers that works offline/online 24hrs a day without interruption of internet services.




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Video conferencing in Business

Today, Matel-Tech Systems is excited to write about
the meetings platform for the modern workplace.

Modernized Experience
Simple Meetings
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The Meetings Platform for the Modern Workplace

We often think about a meeting as what happens once all parties are engaged on a video call. There is little consideration given to the effort that is unfortunately often required to even begin the meeting. Not knowing how, when, or if a user will even be able to join a meeting is incredibly frustrating.

By prioritizing ease of use during that very first, often-irritating step—entering the video meeting—you can ensure employees use (and reuse) your video conferencing investment. Find a solution that lets users connect with a single click, rather than a multiple-step process, and integrate it with your other collaboration tools so scheduling a video meeting feels effortless.

The after-meeting experience is very important as well. Many of us have conflicting schedules during the day and may need to join a meeting a little late or leave it a little early. Having a solution that provides exceptional recording and playback features helps keep people engaged and informed. In Matel-Tech we help in the installation and maintenance support systems of this solution. Call us today 08066316711

Working in the Digital Age

In today’s world, access to chat applications, video conferencing, and social platforms are commonplace in our personal lives—imagine living without Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! As each of these applications (and those like them) becomes more prevalent, businesses are beginning to recognize their usefulness and adopt the technology for their teams. And those that do so see the benefits—employee productivity is skyrocketing by as much as 25% for those organizations that make communication and collaboration easy for their teams.

As business applications like Polycom, Cisco, OneDrive, and others become more prevalent, companies are seeing the benefit in allowing employees to work remotely. In fact, up to 43% of employed Americans worked remotely at least some of the time in 2016 and this number is continuing to rise. After all, if employees can be as productive at home (or in the coffee shop), why should they spend time commuting to and from the office each day?

And on the other hand, if team collaboration and communication can happen regardless of location, why limit employees to one geographical location? If talent can be found in other areas, would it not make more sense to hire them to work remotely in order to benefit from their skills, even if they are not willing to relocate? HR Business Partner at South Dakota State University stated, “Companies looking to hire top talent today must span geographical and cultural boundaries and find ways to help these people see the company’s location as their new home. Using social media and other technology to source, interview, and hire talent is the new norm and recruiters must be willing and able to adapt to using these technologies to meet talent where they are.”

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How to Stop Working on Vacation & Still Get Things Done

commWork Before You Leave
It may seem obvious, but the best way to ensure that you don’t have to work on vacation is to get everything done before you leave. While it may be tempting to cut our early in order to go shopping for that perfect swimsuit or start packing, you’ll thank yourself later for putting a few extra hours in at the office before you leave. Use your last few days in the office finishing up projects, preparing your colleagues for your departure, and establishing ground rules for contacting you on vacation.
Turn On Your Out of Office Message
Right before you clock out for the last time, make sure you set your Out of Office message so people contacting you know when you are and are not available. If possible, leave the name and email of your boss or colleague so those emailing you have an alternative contact should an emergency arise. Making sure this message is specific with departure and return dates will ensure that others know you’re unavailable for a certain amount of time and buy you some time to reply once you’re back to work. Do the same with Polycom, Workplace by Facebook, or any other collaboration tools your company uses.
Check Emails, But Not All the Time
If you can, avoid your email for the entire vacation. If that’s not possible, remove your email client from your phone and give yourself thirty minutes each day to check in on your laptop. Only allowing a half hour will make you focus on the email that requires your immediate attention and leave everything else for when you return. Remember, the more you respond to email, the more available people will think you are.
Use Video Conferencing to Quickly Handle Matters
If an emergency arises, it can be tempting to spend your entire day emailing back-and-forth to take care of it. However, this requires you to be connected to your phone or laptop and ruins your vacation. Plus, there’s no Wi-Fi available at the beach. Avoid this situation by using your favorite video meetings platform to discuss the issue face-to-face and resolve it quickly. With video, audio, and screensharing capabilities, a meetings platform like Polycom ensures that you can handle the emergency and get back to what is really important—fun in the sun.
Relax and Destress
The whole point of taking your vacation is to get away from your everyday responsibilities and enjoy yourself, so make sure you do that. Most of your emails, messages, and projects can wait until you return to the office. Make the conscious decision to enjoy the moment with your family and spend time doing what you want to do so you can return to the office recharged. Your family, your colleagues, and your body will all thank you for taking time away from work to relax and distress.